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Reteta coca-cola

Note: All of these ingredients can be bought online. Instructions follow the ingredient list. If you do make a batch, email us at to let us know how it turned out (and send photos!).

Everett Beal's Recipe Book
In Feb 28, 1979 Article
Atlanta Journal and Constitution Newspaper
Pemberton's Notebook
Published in the 1992
History: For God, Country & Coca-Cola
FE Coca
(Fluid Extract of Coca)
3 drams USP4 oz FE Coco
Citric Acid3 oz3 oz
Caffeine1 oz1oz Citrate Caffein
Sugar30 #30 #
Water2.5 gal2.5 gal
Lime Juice2 pints (1 qrt)1 qrt
Vanilla1 oz1 oz
Caramel1.5 oz or more to colorColor sufficient

Use 2 oz flavor (below) to 5 gals syrup2.5 oz flavor

7X Flavor

Alcohol8 oz1 qrt
Orange Oil20 drops80
Lemon Oil30120
Nutmeg Oil1040
Corriander Oil520
Neroli Oil1040
Cinnamon Oil1040
(The Pemberton formula for 7X is the same as the Beal, just four times as much.)
How to Make This Recipe
As we said in the radio story, this recipe includes two parts. The recipe for the syrup, and

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