sâmbătă, 17 decembrie 2016


  • 'We Will Return': Syrian Newlyweds Fleeing Aleppo Leave Behind Messages Of Hope
    The Huffington Post
    Eastern Aleppo is the worst-hit region of the Syrian crisis, torn apart by a deadly conflict between government and rebel forces. The unrelenting carnage became known as the Battle of Aleppo or “mother of all battles” when it erupted in July 2012, following a March 2011 uprising that sparked the nation’s civil war. Salih and Marwa are among thousands of civilians caught in the middle, facing uncertain futures as Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime brings a violent end to a months-long siege and seizes control from the opposition. “Aleppo is my city,” Salih told The WorldPost in Arabic. “I hope to come back one day.” He and Marwa had planned to go to Idlib in northwestern Syria and be reunited Read More

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