duminică, 18 decembrie 2016


  • For Iraqi Families With ISIS Links, Agonizing Choices — And Consequences
    When the Iraqi army liberated her village from ISIS this year, Hamda Mahmoud made an agonizing choice: She handed her teenage son over to Iraqi security forces. Like hundreds of other boys in this area of northern Iraq, Ahmed, 15 and in fifth grade at the time, had joined ISIS. Mahmoud thought that by handing over her teenager, she was keeping him safe. Instead, he's disappeared into Iraq's murky justice system. His mother says she's heard he has been tortured — and possibly executed. "I took him myself to the army," says Mahmoud. "We thought they would maybe put him in jail for a year to punish him." Because her son had joined ISIS, Mahmoud, a widow, was expelled from her village of Imam Gharbi Read More

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