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As ISIL's 'caliphate' crumbles, its ideology remains
Al Jazeera
Three years ago today, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi stood at the pulpit of Mosul's Grand Al Nuri mosque, which was destroyed last week in fighting between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS), and announced the creation of a Sunni caliphate.  While the group proceeded to balloon in size - at its peak it covered territory across Iraq and Syria that is roughly equivalent to the size of the United Kingdom - it has, since January, lost close to 47 percent of its territory, according to Conflict Monitor by IHS Markit, a security and defense observer.    Experts say that despite being seemingly on the brink of military defeat, the group's widespread ideology will be much harder Read More

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  • Secret video shows ISIS losing hold of Raqqa
    Now it seems there is less fear, and the opponents are able to do what was once unthinkable -- to show us life in Raqqa as US-backed and other Syrian forces encircle the city in the long attempt to extinguish ISIS. And the many scenes that we see show a ruling group as they are -- often confused, sometimes vain. We also see civilians becoming more brave, even brazen as they challenge their oppressors. This is a city that can smell its liberation. Scenes from the caliphate Raqqa, the last bastion of ISIS within Syria, was seized in 2014. Now, it appears that ISIS is beginning to lose its grip on the city. One video features two Russian-speaking militants. It's hard, given heavy accents and poor Read More

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Amorul prorpiu este cel mai lingusitor.
Acum apropape toti romanii sufera de aceasta meteahna. Dar cel mai grav este ca, cei unsi de Dumnezeu, adica de votul nostru,  cred ceea ce nu sunt si asta ne implica si pe noi. Dar vrem o implicare negativa, de distrugere a acestui  amor libidinos.
Traim in industria cinematografica din anii 1970-1980 cand obligatoriu la orice film mai ales serialele politiste, era ca seful politistilor sa fie negru ca sa nu le intre in cap la bobleti ca, negrii nu ar fi capabili si nici cinstiti. Va aduceti aminte de acele mutre cu riduri groase de politisti negri, ca de bau-bau.
Asa patim noi acum cand, in varfurile conducerii de toate felurile ale tarii, este cate un hot impostor in fiecare varf. Fara ei nu se poate, nu merge treaba bine si apoi ne intra in cap noua bobletilot ca, cinstea este calitatea  de baza, a unui conducator adevarat, asta complet gresit. Pentru ei este invers, cu cat esti mai hot, pungas, secatura, ticalos, bandit si mafiot, cu atat esti mai bun. Exemplul de acum, alegerea unui prim ministru  mediocru, este ales sa ne reprezinte de parca nu ar fi oameni capabili in Romania, este covarsitor. Si totusi el ne reprezinta cu adevarat si nu avem nimic de zis pe principiul "capul plecat sabia nu-l taie"dar paste iarba.
In concluzie, decat cu un prost la castig, mai bine cu un destept la paguba!
Am revazut intamplator documentarul cu democratia in Grecia antica, acum 2500 de ani si se spunea ca alesii erau pedepsiti pana la pedeapsa capitala daca, in discursurile lor plictiseau auditoriul, deci pe alegatori. La noi alesii spala la varza tot timpul pentru a ne prosti, pe nervii si pe banii nostrii.Si mai ales pe viitorul nostru, cu nori negri la orizont, in principal datorita lor dar si din vina  noastra. Prea suntem lasa-ma sa te las! Ce zicea Ioana D'Arc? Daca nu noi atunci cine? Daca nu acum atunci cand?.

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Pentagon “Clueless” on Trump’s Surprise Warning to Syria Over Chemical Attack

June 27, 2017 at 10:56 pm
(ANTIWAR.COM) — Last night, White House issued a surprise statement accusing the Syrian government of preparing a chemical weapons attack and threatening to make them pay “a heavy price” for doing so. This immediately suggested another US attack on Syria was imminent. No one saw this coming, including the Pentagon and the State Department.
Pentagon officials say they were totally unaware if this putative evidence of a chemical attack until the moment the White House issued the statement, something they completely didn’t see coming. The State Department, which would normally be involved in coordinating such an important press release, also wasn’t consulted.
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Indeed, such an announcement would normally involve myriad security agencies, including the Pentagon, State Department, and intelligence agencies, particularly whoever was the source of the allegation about Syria in the first place. All signs, however, are that this wasn’t the case with anyone, and they’re not even sure where Trump got the idea that a chemical attack might be imminent.
The White House has since offered a secondary comment insisting that all of the officials who are quoted in the media saying they didn’t know about the announcement are lying, and that the White House did, somehow, consult with everybody without anybody knowing about it.
The only person who may conceivably have been in the loop is US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who almost immediately after the White House statement Tweeted that any future attacks in Syria would be blamed on Assad, Russia, and Iran.
This too gives the impression that last night’s brief, evidence-free statement was mostly a pretext for picking a fight in Syria, and the fact that it came mere hours after Secretary of State Tillerson spoke with the Russian Foreign Minister about a new ceasefire gives the appearance this was a none-too-subtle way of turning that proposal down.
By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / AntiWar.com / Report a typo

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Sniper’s bizarre reaction after terrorist bullet barely misses her
New York Post
An astonishing video showing a Kurdish sniper laugh after a bullet fired by an ISIS terrorist narrowly misses her head has emerged online. The YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) sharpshooter is seen taking aim through a window during fighting in the terror group’s besieged Syrian stronghold Raqqa. After she takes her own shot a chunk of the wall just behind her head explodes, showering the room with dust and plaster. She immediately ducks down and laughs at her close brush with death – and is even seen sticking her tongue out sheepishly. The footage, which has not been verified, was posted online by a Kurdish journalist embedded with the YPJ fighters. The reporter, Hemze Hamza, tweeted: “Kurdish Read More


Mierea poate ajuta la reducerea starii inflamatorii ale pielii. De asemenea, are proprietati antiseptice si antibacteriene.
Amesteca parti egale de miere, ceara de albine si ulei de masline, incalzeste amestecul pana la omogenizare. Cand se raceste, aplica pe piele si lasa-l timp de mai multe ore. Repeta timp de cateva saptamani.


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Pe 24 noiembrie 1971, un bărbat cu ochelari negri şi îmbrăcat într-un costum elegant urcă într-un avion Northwest Orient cu o bombă în servietă. Omul, cunoscut astăzi numai cu numele de “D.B. Cooper”, a cerut 200.000 de dolari recompensă și patru parașute – altfel ameninţa că aruncă în aer avionul. Răscumpărarea a fost plătită, pasagerii […]

Jack Hawkwood

Cum mercenarul englez Jack Hawkwood, şeful "diavolilor în formă umană", a ajuns să fie onorat în Italia
Sir John Hawkwood a fost un mercenar englez care a ajuns să fie onorat de o frescă ecvestră în Catedrala din Florența. Culmea: aceeaşi Florenţă i-a refuzat marelui scriitor Dante un loc de odihnă, dar i-a ridicat un monument nobil unui criminal.
Născut în Essex (Anglia), Hawkwood a plecat în Franța (...)

La Multi Ani!

Astăzi este ziua de naștere 28 a Matthew Lewis, actorul care jucat Neville Longbottom în filmele Harry Potter.
Mulți ani, Matt!


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Israel strikes Hamas bases in Gaza after rocket: officials
Israeli airstrikes hit a series of targets in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip overnight, officials said, hours after a rocket from the Palestinian enclave landed in the Jewish state. Strikes were recorded in at least three locations in Gaza, Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses said, with Hamas bases struck near the southern city of Rafah and Gaza City, as well as open land southeast of Gaza City. The Palestinian health ministry said there were no immediate reports of injuries, but an AFP photographer in Gaza saw at least one man bleeding being taken for treatment from a house near the base. Read More

Perechea prezidentiala

Un véhicule garé près du domicile de la belle-fille d'Emmanuel Macron a alerté les forces de l'ordre. Il affichait un sticker de l'Etat islamique. #VivreEnsemble
https://www.valeursactuelles.com/societe/un-autocollant-daech-provoque-la-panique-chez-les-macron-85366 #Val-de-Marne #Fontenay-sous-Bois #Banlieue

Al Capone

Regele Ghilgames

Un eveniment epocal – descoperirea mormântului regelui-extraterestru Ghilgameş – a fost muşamalizat! De ce se încearcă din nou ascunderea istoriei adevărate?
În mitologiile lumii, se vorbeşte despre un mare şi strălucit oraş/regat, cel al Uruk-ului, în zona Iraq-ului de astăzi, despre care se crede că ar fi acelaşi cu “Ereh” din Biblie: “Împărăţia lui, la început, o alcătuia: Babilonul, apoi Ereh, Acad şi Calne din ţinutul Senaar” (Geneza 10:10). Biblia ne spune că Ereh era cel de-al doilea oraş fondat de conducătorul Nimrod (…)


بنات بدون خمط الصوره فدوه لحد يخمطها
اريد اكبل 😉
اصدقائي كلهم مكبلين وربي بس اني ممكبل 😰
التعجبني تعليقها واسلوبها ادخللها عليها خاص والله جاد
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  • Iraq forces combing west Mosul after surprise IS attack
    Iraqi forces on Monday were searching neighbourhoods of west Mosul they retook weeks ago after a surprise jihadist attack on their rear that left several dead, officials said. The attack, which was claimed by the Islamic State group, sowed panic among residents who returned to live in the Tanak and Yarmuk neighbourhoods of west Mosul. A top commander in the Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS), which sent forces to fight the IS gunmen, said the attackers had infiltrated the area by blending in with returning displaced civilians. Read More