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Nigel Farage

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Nigel Farage

Up to the minute opinion polls in the US show big majority support for Trump's border policies


Buna dimineata!

Margareta Paslaru



Le Pen en tête au 1er tour, Macron talonne Fillon, selon notre sondage



The Jerusalem Post

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Criticism of Trump's Holocaust statement 'pathetic,' White House says

Over the weekend, another spokesman for US President Donald Trump said the decision to omit Jews from the statement was intentional– "inclusivity" was the goal.
Engineering student says Canadian school rejected him for being Israeli

The engineering student was told that he was rejected "due to the conflict and illegal settlement...
Caroline Glick: The lessons of Roosevelt’s failures

The current media and left-wing uproar over the executive order US President Donald Trump...
Israel urges Trump, UN to act against Iran after ballistic missile test

The United Nations Security Council was scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on the test...
Breitbart reporter ejected from Muslim advocacy group event in DC

"Very often at our news conferences, we have agent provocateurs or representatives...
'Netanyahu’s tweet on Trump wall sparks antisemitism in Mexico'

Social media flooded with Jew-hating messages, Mexican rabbis says.
Israeli Home Front preparing for thousands of rockets

IDF believes Hezbollah can strike anywhere in country; electronic systems might also be targeted.
In DC, Jordan's king discusses US embassy in Israel, ISIS, Syria

Jordan's King Abdullah is the first Arab leader in Washington for talks with the Trump...
Jewish groups condemn deadly attack on Quebec mosque

"This was an attack on Canada, not only on one mosque. Indeed, it was an attack on any...
Video shows Jared Kushner's grandmother speaking about life as a...

Rae Kushner survived the Holocaust by escaping from the Novogrudok, Poland ghetto...