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Politicians get crash course on how Trump will govern

Chicago's political class fretted over President Trump's executive order on immigration that could cost the city millions in federal funding and scrambled to respond to a Twitter threat to "send in the feds" to fix the city's gun violence.

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Should Trump 'send in the Feds!' to Chicago?

Editorial: Trump has blustered repeatedly about Chicago's rampant violence. Could he also construct a legal argument for federal intervention here?

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Rauner and Democrats clash over State of the State

Against the backdrop of a sharply divided and dysfunctional state government, Gov. Bruce Rauner delivered his midterm State of the State address saying he and other politicians have a "moral obligation" to fix Illinois.

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6 wounded in shooting at vigil for homicide victim

At least 13 people were wounded in shootings since midmorning Wednesday, including six people wounded during a memorial for a woman killed earlier this week.

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Alderman wants city street performers to turn it down

Downtown Ald. Brendan Reilly took aim at a nuts-and-bolts problem he says is driving downtown residents and workers crazy: Too much noise from street performers.

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Vans plans indoor skate park and music venue

Vans, the brand that brought skateboard-inspired shoes to countless skaters and posers alike, is planning an indoor skate park and music venue in Chicago.

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Mary Tyler Moore brought magic to American homes

A key thing to remember about Mary Tyler Moore is this: She was a television star like few others, the centerpiece of two classic series.

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Renters swap space, privacy for super-small, luxury 

For many renters, fiscal realities dictate that it's not possible to have both the big space and the great location. So they make compromises.

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