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Trump Administration Archives Key Obama White House Website Content
Trump's team aims for a White House website makeover, with content to reflect the new president's views.
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Inside Trump Tower, a Saloon Cheers the New President
Most of Trump Tower was quiet on the day its owner and most famous resident was inaugurated.
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Inauguration, By the Numbers
Early numbers suggest far fewer people attended President Donald Trump's inauguration than those at Barack Obama's two ceremonies.
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Abortion Rates Halve When Women Have to Travel Extra 100 Miles to Clinic: Study
A study explored the impact of women's center closures in Texas.
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chelsea manning evan greer wikileaks
Why Chelsea Manning’s Release Will Make Us All Safer
Free Chelsea Manning campaigner Evan Greer hails a victory for democracy.
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Netanyahu probe
Netanyahu and Family Allegedly Used Codewords to Refer to Gifts of Cigars and Pink Champagne
Police are currently investigating the Israeli leader on allegations of corruption.
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Nigeria IDPs
In Nigeria, Planting a Future Amid War
Communities displaced by Boko Haram are planning for the future, but they need help.
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The Top Spy Who Is Fighting Corruption in Ukraine
Students in Kiev say it's common to pay professors a bribe to pass exams.
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Blue Moon
Russian Scientists Pitch Turning the Moon Into a Cultural Safe
To protect artifacts from war and natural disasters, state scientists have offered a novel approach.
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artificial intelligence kristen stewart twilight
Kristen Stewart Publishes Paper on Artificial Intelligence
Twilight star Stewart co-authored a paper on applying neural nets to images.
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