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China President Xi Jinping

China Could Be Forced to Assume World Leadership: Diplomat

The comments came after Donald Trump pledged to put „America first.”

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President Donald Trump

U.S. Legal Watchdog to File Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Over Foreign Payments

Trump’s son dismissed the ethics group’s claim that the president is violating the constitution.

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Climate Change

Scientists Devise Fake News ‘Vaccine’

‘Pre-emptively highlighting false claims and refuting potential counterarguments’ can make people less vulnerable to falsehoods.

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How Did Barack Obama’s Economy Do Over Eight Years?

Did the Great Recession and Financial Crisis preclude a more robust recovery?

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s First Global Trade Flashpoints as President

The new president has pledged to shake up the current order from his first days in office.

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Gambia Yahya Jammeh

Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh ‘Looted $11 Million in Two Weeks:’ Official

The longtime ruler finally left Gambia on Saturday after losing a December 2016 election.

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Antibody Trial Puts Science Closer to HIV Vaccine

The eventual hope is that a combination of several HIV-specific antibodies will help to completely destroy the virus and that this same treatment could double as an HIV vaccine.

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Women’s March on Washington: Empowering, Joyful and Bigger Than the 1960s

More than 2 million people took part in women’s marches across the globe Saturday.

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Brown Toast and Roast Potatoes Could Be Cancer Risk, Claims U.K. Food Watchdog

Cooking starchy foods for too long can lead to higher levels of acrylamide.

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samsung bixby virtual assistant AI

Samsung Galaxy S8 May Be Delayed Over Note 7 Battery Fire Concerns

Samsung has pledged to enhance product safety.

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