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Nu am nici o intrebare de pus

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We asked you to sound off about the new nominee for VA Secretary--and you responded.  Over 2,000 IAVA members and allies responded in the first 24 hours alone. The results are in.

The key takeaway? Dr. David Shulkin will have to prove himself.  41% of you said you haven't made your mind up about him as a nominee. 36% support his nomination. 23% do not. 
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President Trump's pick to lead the VA at this critical time is a very big deal.  If confirmed, Dr. Shulkin would be the first non-veteran to lead the VA--something IAVA members nationwide told us they are lukewarm about. But he has extensive medical experience and knows the VA and the VSO community. 

Dr. Shulkin's confirmation hearing is this Wednesday in Washington. And we want your help asking the hard questions. What do you want him to be asked?

Share this email and encourage your friends to submit their questions too. 

We'll deliver your questions to Dr. Shulkin personally this week. We'll also share your questions with the Senators conducting the hearing--and with the national media. Every question will be posted on our website for all to see. Make sure your voice is heard

After years of controversy at VA, we need and deserve the right leader. On Wednesday, America will be watching. And IAVA will ensure the voices of post-9/11 vets are heard.



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