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  • Mosul caught in 'strange and terrifying' battle as Islamic State foreign soldiers fight to the end
    By Isabel Coles MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - The families cowered in basements, huddling in the dark as war raged overhead between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants fighting for control of the streets of Mosul. Above ground, soldiers from Iraq's Rapid Response division move from house to house through the same openings Islamic State militants smashed through the walls in preparation to defend their last remaining stronghold in the city's west. The passageway led them through living rooms and gardens, into a kitchen with a pot of lentil soup on the counter -- the scenes of domesticity highlighting the chaos of war that is intensifying as Iraqi forces advance.  "It's strange and terrifying," said a young woman who was barely visible in the gloom of a basement under her house in the Josaq district, where she went into hiding after giving birth to a baby girl 72 days ago. Read More

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Omul cu masca

Omul cu mască "Max Headroom" - este misteriosul care a "hăckuit" emisia a două televiziuni din Chicago
22 noiembrie 1987: în Chicago, SUA, era o zi ca oricare alta. Era seara, iar două televiziuni locale (WGN și WTTV) îşi transmiteau programul obişnuit. Apoi, dintr-o dată, semnalele celor două posturi de televiziune au fost întrerupte de un hacker cu mască, care abia vorbea inteligibil în limba engleză. Intruziunea (...)


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Raport devastator

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Press TV Iran

EU lawmakers will consider whether to lift MEP Marine Le Pen’s immunity over Daesh images.

HAMAS Al-Qassam Brigades

استثنائيا والان
ننقل لكم كلمة موحدة لفصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية ممثلة في القائد أبوعبيدة ردا على عدوان الكيان الصهيونية على قطاع غزة


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ISIS Forced Philippine Nurses to Treat Militants in Libya’s Sirte
The group released the medics after discovering they were Muslim, but on one condition.
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Kim Jong Nam
Four Suspects Wanted in Kim Jong Nam Murder 'Are Spies,' Says South Korea
South Korean intelligence reports allege that the four men were from North Korea's Ministry of State Security, the country's secret police.
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How Donald Trump is Fueling ISIS
From his clumsy comments to the travel ban, the president is giving jihadis exactly what they want.
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Oscars statuette
Newsweek's Foreign Service Podcast: Oscars, Still Divided
Despite "Moonlight" picking up a surprise win for Best Picture, the Oscars still overlooks minority groups.
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smart internet teddy bear hacked
Internet-Connected Teddy Bear Leaks 2 Million Voice Recordings of Parents and Children
More than 800,000 customer credentials were left exposed between Christmas Day 2016 and the first week of January.
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Egypt Space Agency
Egypt’s Economy Is in Crisis. So Why Is the Government Spending Millions on a Fancy New Space Agency?
The space program is el-Sissi's latest attempt to reinvigorate the Egyptian economy with a series of mega-projects.
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Lockheed Martin Thaad
China Objects to South Korean Missile Defense System
China objects to the deployment in South Korea of the THAAD, as the radar is capable of penetrating Chinese territory.
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Meeting desk
Mess is Good for Business: Some Companies Would do Better If They Embraced Disorganization
Some companies should embrace disorganization in order to be more effective.
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Does ‘Get Out’ Deserve Its 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes?
It's an inspired and original horror story, but is it really better than 'The Godfather'?
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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, center.
Manchester United: Jose Mourinho Lays Out Summer Transfer Plans
Mourinho still wants to add to his squad.
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