vineri, 17 martie 2017


  • The harrowing evacuation of east Aleppo
    Al Jazeera
    I left my home and office in east Aleppo and said goodbye to everything, then left with my friends to the evacuation point. I saw thousands of people waiting to be transferred to the western countryside of Aleppo. I stood and waited in the street with dozens of kids and families surrounding me. It was quite cold and raining on and off. After five hours of just sitting, all of a sudden we heard one Free Syrian Army fighter say the regime was attempting an offensive against east Aleppo. It turned out that it was just a rumour to make people freak out. Many got scared; kids cried, and women as well. But they calmed down after they learned that it wasn't a real threat. To me, it was quite odd. The Read More

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