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The Jerusalem Post

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IDF strikes Hamas target in Gaza in response to cross-border fire
While the origin of the gunfire was not immediately clear, Israel holds Hamas responsible for all aggression coming from the Strip.
Syria says Israeli missile strike near Damascus airport confirmed
Israeli minister Yisrael Katz said the attack matched Israel's policy of not allowing sophisticated...
Trump considering Israel visit, White House official confirms
"We are exploring the possibility of a future visit to Israel as well as other countries."
Palestinian Authority says it's halting Gaza power payments to Israel
PA President Mahmoud Abbas has warned over the past two weeks that he will take...
Poverty is not a must for Holocaust survivors

Meet just a few of the survivors whose lives have been changed by the “Aviv for Holocaust Survivors” Organization.

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Texas professors condemn Israel trip for students
Op-ed piece by Southern Methodist University faculty members calls Zionism...
Report: Desperate Syrians sell kidneys, eyes to Lebanese organ traffickers
'I don't really care if the client dies as long as I got what I wanted. It's not my problem what happens...
Don't miss the premier Israel summit of the year
The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference will be held in New York City on May 7, 2017.
On the Galilee, its Environment and its Heritage

The conference, which is sponsored by KKL-JNF, has become a tradition at the institution and covers a wide variety of subjects, all of which have connection to the region in which it takes place .

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Palestinian terrorist convicted of US immigration fraud
Rasmea Odeh, responsible for the 1969 Jerusalem supermarket bombing that killed two people...
Study: For US Jews, education dims faith
Research by the Pew institute found that Jews are the world’s most-educated religious group...
Israeli Defense Minister warns of Iranian presence in Golan Heights
Liberman is in Moscow for International Security Conference along with Defense Ministers...
Teen pot smokers run high risk of schizophrenia, Israeli ...

Greatest risk found when cannabis used by genetically-predisposed adolescents.


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