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Pentagon Finally Admits Far More Troops in Afghanistan Than Official Figure
August 31, 2017 at 7:54 am
Written by Jason Ditz
(ANTIWAR.COM) — Confirming long-standing speculations to that effect, the Pentagon yesterday admitted that the 8,400 US troops that are in Afghanistan according to all official documents is not an accurate count, and that there are actually 11,000 US troops in the country.
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Officials were quick to insist that the new higher figure did not represent any escalations of the sort that President Trump promised in last week’s speech, but rather was just meant to correct the 8,400 number that had long been put forward.
Pentagon officials admitted that they have routinely “lowballed” their troop levels across multiple wars, and Secretary of Defense James Mattis insisted that “this way of doing business is over,” and wants more transparency on the matter.
How that’s being addressed remains to be seen, however, as President Trump has sought to make troop levels officially secret across these war zones, and Pentagon officials had previously indicated that lying about troop levels in Iraq and Syria would be resolved by not giving out any numbers to the American public at all anymore. Yesterday’s comments suggest more interest in giving out those figures within the Pentagon, though it’s not clear Trump has changed his mind.
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Ne serveste Murat

Mozambic (24 mil.locuitori)


On 19 October 1986, the governmental Tupolev Tu-134 jetliner carrying Mozambican president Samora Machel was on a flight from Mbala, Zambia to the Mozambican capital Maputo, when it crashed 35 nautical miles (65 km) west of its destination, at MbuziniSouth Africa. On board were also 43 other occupants; nine passengers and one crew member survived the crash, but President Machel and 33 others died, including ministers and officials of the Mozambican government.
A board of enquiry blamed the captain for failing to react to the Ground Proximity Warning System. Others have claimed that the crew had set the VOR receivers to the wrong frequency, causing them to receive signals from a different airport, or even that a false beacon had been set-up to lure the plane off course. While there was widespread suspicion that the South African government was involved in the crash, no conclusive evidence has emerged.
Adevarul este ca URSS apus ochii pe Mozambic o tara africana la limita de  jos a saraciei si a hotarat ca acolo sa puna un picior comunist. Mai marii decidenti ai lumii au hotarat sa nu permita si atunci cand avionul prezidential a primit liber la survol de la Africa de Sud a fost doborat. Asa s-a incheiat experimentul comunist. Din discursul lui Samora M.mi-a ramas in minte numai cuvintele: in tara mea se moare din cauza unei masele.(dar parca la noi acum este altfel?)
Am fost atenta la Mozambic pentru ca am lucrat cu sotia unui inginer sef de lucrari in domeniul petrolului si aceasta familie a stat ani de zile acolo la Maputo si mi-a povestit cat de greu era pentru populatie acolo si mai ales pentru femei. Parca incep sa intrevad o asemanare cu situatia de la noi acum.


Teoria relativitatii

În fizica clasică, mişcarea unui obiect în spaţiu este definită în funcţie de trei coordonate. Un avion, de exemplu, se mişcă în funcţie de latitudine, longitudine şi altitudine. În fizica relativistă, obiectul în mişcare nu are trei coordonate, ci patru, timpul fiind a patra dimensiune. Ideea fusese deja propusă de H.G. Wells în „Maşina timpului”: […]

Jean Moscopol



Anarchist bookfair
Saturday September 2nd: Anarchist bookfair in Amsterdam
Fifteen years ago the Anarchist Group Amsterdam (AGA) decided to start a small library in Infobar Bollox. This bar has been located for 30 years in De Binnenpret; a once squatted, now legalized complex of buildings where nonetheless the struggles for housing, against the state, and many other anti-authoritarian struggles continue. The library has grown to an up-to-date collection of over a thousand books, zines, films and documentaries that can all be used for free by anyone as they should be, contrary to so many other things in the grasp of capitalism. By running our library, we have tried to contribute to the struggle for anarchy. We hope you come to celebrate our 15th anniversary with us, by participating in the bookfair we have organized to mark this moment. There will be books, zines, clothing, buttons, publishers, distro's, workshops, films, talks, vegan food and an evening programme with live music. Location: De Binnenpret, 1e Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam. Free entry. For info: Anarchist Group Amsterdam. See or e-mail
Date & Time:
Saturday, 2 September, 2017 (All day)

book shop/info shop/librarycourse/workshopdiscussion/presentationfilmfood(free) shop/marketmusicparty




freeby donation

Eerste Schinkelstraat 14
1075TX Amsterdam
Former squat, now legalised

De AGA is een groep mensen die samenwerken voor het creëren van oplossingen en alternatieven voor de problemen die zij tegenkomen op het werk, op school of ergens anders in de maatschappij. Uitgangspunt hierbij is het anarchisme.

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  • Isil militants dressing up as US-backed forces to capture fleeing civilians in Raqqa
    The Telegraph
    Islamic State jihadists in Raqqa are dressing up as US-backed forces and setting up fake checkpoints to catch civilians trying to escape the “capital” of the group’s caliphate, residents say.  The militants are posing as liberating Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Arab and Kurdish fighters, and capturing anyone that approaches.  “They took several families today, we do not know if they have killed them yet,” Tim Ramadan, an activist with the anti-Isil group Sound and Picture living in the northern Syrian city, told the Telegraph on Wednesday.  “They set up checkpoints in the al-Murour neighbourhood in the south of Raqqa and were waving Kurdish flags," said Ramadan, who uses a pseudonym to protect his identity. "The families thought they had reached safety but then realised they had been fooled.” Isil is using as human shields the remaining civilians - estimated to number somewhere between 7,000-20,000 - and threatening anyone who tries to leave with execution.  Damaged building are pictured during the fighting with Islamic State's fighters in the old city of Raqqa Credit: Reuters “The other day Isil dumped four corpses in one of the streets with a sign that said: ‘They were killed because they tried to escape’, people are too scared to leave their homes,” Ramadan said.  There are believed to be between 700 and 1,000 militants left in Raqqa, holed up in the centre. Most of the Western fighters left the city for the Isil-held province of Deir Ezzor before the offensive, leaving the battle to Arab militants.  The SDF has encircled them and captured around 60 percent of the city. But the jihadists have been putting up a fierce fight for what had been Isil’s most important territory, using mortars, suicide bombs, and snipers.  Ramadan described the dire situation for those trapped. Effectively besieged, nothing is getting in to areas still under Isil control and residents have had to resort to boiling grass and weeds for food. “Some families gather in the evenings in one of their homes, and every family brings the food that they have to share, even if it is just grass soup: often that is the only meal they eat that day,” Ramadan said.  Water has been cut off for two months and residents are relying on old wells. An internally displaced girl who fled Raqqa city sits inside a camp in Ain Issa, Raqqa Governorate,  Credit: Reuters He said he has been unable to leave his street for several weeks as Isil has booby-trapped the routes out and the US-led coalition has been bombarding his neighbourhood with air strikes.  As many as 700 civilians have been killed since the SDF-led offensive began in June, according to AirWars, a UK-based monitoring group. Ramadan, who accuses the coalition of indiscriminate bombing, fears the real number is much higher.  “We have seen incidents in which entire families have been wiped out. The scale of things is increasing significantly,” said Alex Hopkins, a researcher at AirWars. There has been a “worrying increase in the rate of mass casualty incidents” in recent weeks, he said, with disproportionate numbers of children being reported killed. Ramadan says civilians are sheltering together in homes, which is why there has been a high numbers of casualties from single strikes.  Meanwhile in neighbouring Iraq, troops are battling the last hold out of Isil fighters outside the city of Tel Afar, northwest of Mosul.  Fighters have entrenched themselves, said one Iraqi officer, who claimed the fighting there is “multiple times worse” than in Mosul’s old city, which itself was one of the most complicated and bloody battles in a generation.  Colonel Kareem al-Lami described breaching the militants' first line of defense in al-'Ayadiya as like opening "the gates of hell". Sniper shots, mortars, heavy machine guns, and anti-tank rockets were fired from every single house, he said. Raqqa, a dusty city lying on flat land in the desert, has proven much more difficult for Isil to defend than Mosul and its surrounds. SDF officials are hopeful it will be liberated within the coming two months.  Read More


3.8 Million People Displaced in African Country but Nobody Seems to Care

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) As the media — and the governments central to mainstream narratives — flow in and out of a number of humanitarian-related stories, from Syria to North Korea to Venezuela, one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world right now continues to be ignored.
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According to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHR), the number of internally displaced people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has risen to 3.8 million – the highest number of displaced people in Africa.
This has hardly received a headline. The U.N. published the statistic about the DRC on July 7, 2017, but one would be hard-pressed to find a mainstream media outlet that has covered it. The top Google searches bring up Al Jazeera and the Times of India, two non-Western outlets that published their stories on August 27, 2017, and August 29, 2017, respectively — well over a month after the U.N. report was published. At the time, the Washington Post made a passing mention of the statistic in its “World Digest” report for July 12, 2017, but that was essentially the only mainstream coverage this topic received, with few exceptions. Either way, this devastating tragedy has hardly been headline news.
This underreporting is suspicious given the drastic rise in the number of displaced people in the region. According to a U.N. official, this figure of 3.8 million displaced people means the number of those displaced in the DRC has effectively doubled in a mere six month period.
The latest violence is estimated to have killed over 3,000 people whose deaths were instigated over the killing of a tribal chieftain known as the Kamwina Nsapu, who rebelled against the country’s president.
The Times of India also notes that at the same time, 500,000 refugees are arriving in the country amid further fighting in Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic.
This conflict, widely regarded to be related to a struggle for control of DRC’s vast mineral supplies (used in our cell phones, for example), has resulted in the deaths of close to 6 million people since 1998. Think of it as the current Syrian conflict death toll occurring every year for almost twenty years straight.
There are few surprises here, however, considering that in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Belgian King Leopold reportedly killed as many as 10 million people in the same region — “one of the greatest acts of mass murder in human history,” as the Guardian put it. Yet no one seems to bat an eye as a similar people continue to suffer and lose their lives.
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Manuscrisul secret

Microsoft și Biblioteca Britanică colaborează împreună la un proiect intitulat “Turning the Pages 2.0”, pentru a aduce 570 de pagini din Codex Arundel al lui Leonardo da Vinci pentru a fi vizionate gratuit pe Internet. Scrierile digitizate dezvăluie multe idei cu secole înainte de a deveni realitate Această colaborare înseamnă că oricine poate să se […]
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MEMORÁNDUM, memorandumuri, s. n. 1. Document diplomatic cuprinzând expunerea faptelor sau argumentelor juridice care privesc relațiile dintre state și formează sau vor forma obiectul unor tratative. Din lat. memorandum, germ. Memorandum, fr. mémorandum.
  • sursa: DEX ’09

  • Acum doua seri am vrut sa vad si eu ce se mai apune la tv. pe toate posturile de stiri.Si ce am vazut ? Am vazut niste  purcei mincinosi, stimulati de moderatori cred ca in deradere, sa-si expuna minciunile care de care mai sfruntate dar, mai erau si unii la tabla care explicau ce se va face(unul cu mustata), ce trebuie facut, si iar spalare de varza ca, sa nu zic mancare de cacat.
  • Propun ca pentru 6 luni macar televiziunile sa fie sanctionate pana la desfiintare daca, cu buna stiinta mai pun acesti porci sa-si arunce tiribombele cu cacat in fata noastra si nu poarta in prealabil belciug in rat.
  • Sa vedem apoi bilantul dupa 6 luni daca, se vede o schimbare in comportamentul publicului condus de acesti purcei, cu ratul murdar de balegar.
  • Sa interzicem intronata minciuna de la televizor care, sa abureasca oamenii sa nu se inteleaga adevarul actiunilor a acestor banditi moderni, sprijiniti de tari dusmane, sa lasam pudibonderia la o parte ca, nu ne vrea nimeni binele ci, doar sa ne suga .de vlaga,  de munca, de bogatii.
  • Sa incepem prin a interzice televiziunilor sa colporteze  toate mizeriile spuse, de cei care trebuie sa infunde puscaria sau sa atarne in spanzuratoare.
  • Car timp vom fi ingaduitori, se vor ...(caca) in capul nostru si noi ne vom ruga, sa fie cat mai moale, sa simtim si noi gustul.
  • Eu m-am saturat de  nemernicie si situatia nu este numai la nivelul tarii este, ce este mai grav, in judete unde acum drept multumire pentru serparia infractionalitatiii li s-au marit salariile.
  • Mereu am spus ca  numai ghilotina mai pune bazele justitiei adevarate. Imi pare rau dar stiu ca revolutionarii de la 1789 din Franta, au pus bazele comunismului, dar ce pacat ca nu a durat mult si s-au intronat regii, imparatii cu toate metehnele lor.
  • Degeaba  resuscitam purceaua, ca este moarta si cu curul afara! (Dar asta nu vrem noi sa vedem si nu o transam odata ).
  • Cand va hotarati anuntati-ma si pe mine ca, vin oriunde, chiar si in baston.

Timpul va ingheta


  • U.S. Military Battles Syrian Rebels Once Supported by CIA, Now Backed by Turkey
    Soldiers from the U.S.-led coalition tasked with battling the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) engaged in a firefight in northern Syria Tuesday with Syrian rebels whose movement was once supported by the CIA. Ryan Dillon, a spokesperson for the Kuwait-based Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve, said the insurgents opened fire first near the city of Manbij, prompting coalition forces to shoot back before taking cover elsewhere. The belligerent Syrian fighters were not identified, but they were believed to have been part of a Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army group opposed to ISIS, the Syrian military and the mostly Kurdish forces supported by the Pentagon, all of which are vying for control in northern Syria. Read More

Buna dimineata, de la Murat!

Press TV Iran

Authorities in Morocco have arrested a man suspected of supplying gas canisters to a terrorist cell that carried out twin attacks in Spain earlier this month.
imaginea nu este afișată
PressTV-Man linked to Spain attacks arrested in Morocco
Moroccan authorities arrest a man linked to recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils .

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Mesaj ISIS

Pofta buna !

Ciao e ben ritrovati.
Ecco una ricetta leggera e gustosa, a prova di caldo: gli spiedini mediterranei con mozzarelline, pomodorini, olive e peperoncini. 😉
Spiedini mediterranei| Delizie alla cannella
Spiedini mediterranei| Delizie alla cannella