miercuri, 4 octombrie 2017


Yesterday, we all woke up to an unspeakable tragedy in Las Vegas. Communities across America have been devastated--including our veterans community. 

As is often the case in times of tragedy, Post-9/11 veterans were among the first running into the chaos to help others. They were serving in the police force, working as EMTs and just folks out to have a good time, who sprung into action to help others if they could. Veterans are the helpers Americans can look to in times of tragedy. 

We now know that we've lost at least two of our own in Vegas: Christopher Roybal, a Navy and Afghanistan veteran, and Charleston Hartfield, a National Guard veteran, off duty police officer and youth football coach. Both these veterans embodied the selfless service that gives many Americans hope for the future--especially in our darkest days. 

As veterans, we can all come together to honor these two veterans who lost their lives. And to provide support to their families. 

Please check IAVA's Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and ways to help. 

And if you or someone you know needs help or wants to talk to someone in the next few days, reach out to IAVA's Rapid Response Referral Program (RRRP). We're here for any veterans or military family members that need us. And for survivor support--related to this tragedy or not--please see and support our amazing friends at TAPS

As veterans, we always take care of each other. And our fellow Americans. We can serve our friends--and our communities. And we can also make a difference. Especially in times like these.

Your leadership and positive example is needed now--more than ever. In ways big and small. From your children, to your classroom, to your job, your leadership is what people across the country will be inspired by. 

Thank you for being an example--and for all you do to bring light to America in our darkest times. 



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