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Dear Odorica,

Yet again, our community is being dragged into an unwanted political fight. And once again, IAVA veterans, family members and allies across the nation are pushing back--to remind Americans to honor and listen to our Gold Star families, and not to politicize them.

Now is not a time for name calling and division. Now is a time for education, for unity and for support to those who need it most. If there's anything that should bring our country together, it should be our Gold Star families. We stand firmly with them now--and always. 

This is a defining moment for our nation. From the White House, to your neighbor, to a stranger on the street, we hope everyone connected to IAVA will focus on moving our country forward together.

Please spread the word and share our efforts to increase support for Gold Star families at iava.org/goldstar. Right now, the real conversation America should be having is about supporting families of the fallen. 

Everything else is senseless noise.


P.S. Veterans Day 2017 is coming soon. It's a chance to deepen our connections, unite our community and inspire America. Keep an eye on your inbox for ways to be a part of this important and inspiring day with IAVA. 

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